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Cardiovascular surgery covers Everybody’s complaints about the heart that may demand early diagnosis and intervention. For this reason diseases within the competence Branches associated with self heart, coronary vessels that feed the heart, cordial valves, and system circulation ( arteries, veins ) work.

Cordial attack: due to triggering some factors that create Problems in health, the heart muscle may fully stay without oxygen. In this case, which is called a cordial seizure, cells and cardiac muscles across some time start to die and may lead to irreversible consequences.

Cardiac insufficiency: decrease quantities of oxygen and blood flowing to the heart leads to the fact that cardiac muscles are not maybe fine function. This affects healthy functioning hearts and at some times causes cardiac insufficiency. Angina pectoris: usually famous How chest pain, angina pectoris occurs when blood flow required by cardiac muscle, decreases. Chest pain usually intensifies at physical load and runs for several minutes at rest.

Hypertension: known among the most common cardiovascular diseases caused by the promotion of blood pressure pumped from the heart into the body. Though hypertension is transmitted by inheritance, in some cases it arises due to external reasons.

Pulmonary hypertension: right side of our hearts is our system with more low pressure than the left. Pressure vs flow of blood pumped right side of our heart ( right atrium and then the right stomach ) is called pulmonary pressure. Raise this pressure called pulmonary hypertension (PH).

Atherosclerosis: harmful waste, such as How fat and cholesterol accumulate in the arteries, time constricts clearance arteries, and sometimes completely closes them. because of decrease blood flow from areas with pronounced constriction adversely also affects the blood circulation in the area fed artery.

pericardial effusion: liquid stands out between layers of pericardium, external shells hearts, for the protection of healthy hearts. pericardial effusion occurs when the amount of liquids in this area called pericardial space exceeds necessary.

Myocarditis: widespread famous How inflammation of cardiac muscles; This happens when infection in the body is distributed by inflammation of cardiac muscles. For this reason, the cardiac muscle becomes vulnerable to external threats and causes disease.

Cardiomyopathy: also called thickening cardiac muscles, cardiomyopathy arises at the expansion and thickening of cardiac muscles patient over time. Apart from the consequences of cardiomyopathy, such How shortness of breath and disturbance in rhythm, she same renders a negative influence on everyday life.

Diseases cardiac valve: in the heart valve can see congenital or acquired violations. vices valves hearts representing a significant risk for health, require regular dispensary observations, and surgical intervention after a certain stage.

Diseases aorta: the aorta, which provides rich oxygen to the blood and the body, especially the heart, maybe to be damaged due to various problems such as How aneurysms and rupture, and presents a serious threat to life. health problem. Surgical intervention has been required to forever solve this problem of co-health, which is located in the area of cardiovascular surgery.

Tumor hearts: a heart is one from bodies where one can see tumors. Can be tumors that occur directly from most hearts, but can be in the form of dissemination tumor tissues in the surrounding fabrics. Treatment of tumors hearts generally benign, also one from regions that interest cardiovascular surgery.

Practices in the department of cardiovascular surgery:

Coronary shunting

At occlusion and constriction coronary vessels that feed heart to heart not maybe act as a sufficient amount of blood. In those cases when a problem, negative influences on quality of life, represents a vital risk, open clogged coronary vessels. At operations on open a heart clogged vessel connect with another vessel ( artery ) or vein ), taken from other parts body.

So why, process guidance provides a return blood flow to normal condition?

Removal of veins for shunting with small incisions Shunting envisaged the transfer of healthy veins from others parts body. Endoscopic methods do small incisions to delete necessary veins from the hand or legs. So why, the vessel used for shunting, is supplied from within the body without the need for serious surgical procedures?

Ischemic angiography

Angiography is applied for light visualization of coronary vessels in the heart. In the artery introduce harmless health-contrasting substances, for example, colored dyes that allow seeing the vessels. This allows composing plan treatment through identifying constricted or occluded coronary arteries.

Angio from the wrist

Angiography wrist, which is performed easier and faster than traditional procedures angiography, is performed under local anesthesia. This method easily applies especially to people who have difficulty discovering veins due to excess weight.

Diseases cardiac valve

congenital or subsequent constriction and the structural defect can see in the heart valve. These complaints, have a negative influence on the pumping blood heart, spend the operation on open a heart for recovery or substitutions valve. In progress substitutions preferred mechanical or tissue valves.

Surgery aneurysms aorta

balloon-shaped extension occurs in the aortic arteries, which pump clean blood to the body. These extensions called aneurysms, through some time may achieve dangerous for health level. That’s why an aneurysm aorta should constantly be under observation by a specialist doctor, and an operative treatment must be considered without losing time in people with an increased size and feature gap.

Recovery aneurysms left ventricle

After infarction in the left ventricle hearts can see extensions in the formed bag. In time cuts heart’s part blood is pumped at everyone reduction hearts going in this pouch, and quantity the of blood pumped to the tissues is reduced. Sometimes a bag maybe forms a clot and if this clot was thrown into the brain or other organs meets serious clinical pictures. Cardiac failure and stroke same relate to the consequences of an aneurysm of the left ventricle. Therefore, the area where the arises aneurysm, should be discovered with angiography and surgery restored.

Surgical intervention at tumors hearts:

Despite on rare, tumors occurring in the heart should be removed from organism surgical intervention. In the medical process often used minimally invasive method which develops depending on addition, benign tumors, or malignant. In this method under the nipple are made small incisions, and diminishing tumors are removed from the organism.

Vessels that carry rich oxygen blood for other authorities’ bodies are called arteries. In such cases as constriction and occlusion, these vessels recommended bypass. He founded on the principle transportation of rich oxygen blood after occluded area, such as How coronary bypass.

LPI test

Ankle-shoulder index (LPI) is used for diagnostics of diseases of peripheral arteries, measured through attachment cuffs for measurements of arterial pressure on the legs and arms. Using the test, which is similar to arterial pressure, you can discover diseases in peripheral vessels that may occur in the arteries hands, and feet.

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