All on Four – Six Treatments in Turkey

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If you are missing teeth from your mouth, a way to restore them is through dental implants. If both of your arches or any one of them are missing the majority of teeth, then you can choose an all on four or all on six procedure of dental implant. Hermes Clinic in Turkey has the facility of both all on four or all on six implants and after a thorough discussion, our expert healthcare providers decide the best option for you.


In this technique, either four or six implants are placed either in the upper or lower set of teeth instead of using a single implant for an individual tooth. These implants act as a supporting system for the entire arch. This method gives the option of replacing the missing teeth to prevent the loss of bone tissue.


If you have lost almost all of your teeth, then you are an ideal candidate for all on four-six. Your jaw should have healthy bone tissue to provide support to implants. You might require bone grafts first if your bone density is not up to the mark and heal completely before the procedure of all on four-six implants.


At Hermes Clinic, our highly trained staff first examines you meticulously to confirm that you have sufficient bone density to provide support to the implants. Careful consideration is given to each patient at Hermes Clinic which is the reason for the successful outcome of dental implants.

You will be under general anesthesia during the whole surgery. Your dentist will make small cuts on the gums to introduce the implants and a temporary set of teeth are placed for regeneration of bone. This also allows the wounds to heal. Once the wounds heal which usually takes four to six months, you can get your teeth fixed permanently.


The expert staff at Hermes clinic specializes in providing the best solution for your missing teeth. Full sets of teeth can be replaced with all on four-six implants performed on the same day to restore your teeth to almost their original state. Hermes Clinics is considered to be one of the most trusted agencies to provide this treatment in Turkey.this treatment in Turkey.. Our staff highly trained and experienced staff provides state-of-the-art knowledge and skill throughout the procedure to replace your missing teeth for you to smile, chew and bite with absolute poise.


Discomfort is normal after you have received a complete set of dental implants. Your dentist at Hermes clinic will prescribe you painkillers for pain management. You can start your normal activities the next day. The process of healing is complex and it differs from person to person. Usually, it takes four to six months to heal completely after a complete mouth dental implant.

If you or any of your loved ones are looking for this procedure in Turkey, don’t hesitate to contact Hermes Clinic. Our expert staff will provide you with all the necessary information to determine if all on four-six is the best option for you. Hermes Clinic is looking forward to restoring your bright smile.

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