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What such orthopedics and traumatology

branch orthopedics and traumatology, dealing with diseases in musculoskeletal apparatus, is an extremely rich specialty with many various sub-sectors, methods of diagnostics, and treatment. Main areas such as How arms, legs, pelvis, and spine as well as bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, connective fabrics dorsal brain, are in the sphere interests branches orthopedics and traumatology.

branch orthopedics and traumatology, which works in coordination with others departments such How physiotherapy and rehabilitation, work in wide areas of surgery brushes before prosthetics.

In the department orthopedics and traumatology performed the following procedures: Surgery hands – microsurgery: part from tip finger before area shoulder included in the area surgery brushes. Treat such problems as fractured bones, broken tendons and muscles, and compression nerves arising in the area between the brush and shoulder. Surgery brushes cover treatment deformations brushes cause polydactyly (6 fingers), tunnel syndrome wrists (compression nerve), syndactyly (adhesion fingers), and the consequences of cerebral palsy.

Thanks to the technique microsurgery can operate nerve diameters less than 1 mm with needles and threads that are very difficult to see even with unarmed eyes. So why, broken bodies such as How arms, hands, legs, and feet may be successfully replaced rather than very thin nerve fibers may be restored. Surgery spine (diseases spine and surgery): Major directions treatment is most common twists and fractures spine. in the spine diagnose and treat congenital or acquired scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, kyphosis Schurman, injuries spine, dislocations, and infections spine.

Surgery of knee joint. Frequency occurrence problems are higher at the knee joint that exposed the greatest load compared to others joints. Especially the absence of warm-ups before starting classes sports and excessive load on the lap may damage the healthy knee, calling damaging cartilaginous fabrics in these areas, gap ligaments, or gap meniscus. Damage in such areas as meniscus, articular cartilage, anterior cruciform ligament and capsule knee joint, septic arthritis (intra-articular inflammation), synovitis (thickening articular shells), calcification knee joint, and fractures occurring in the joint treated with arthroscopic surgery.

Surgery of ankle joint: When operations on the ankle joint are performed method of arthroscopy, using fiber optic tools visually being investigated the internal part joint, easy comes to light diagnosis of diseases and injuries. At arthroscopy is being done some small incisions skin. This very little scar heals much faster than an open operation. The operation takes an average of 1 hour, and the patient is issued in short terms. You can advance on your legs or even sit down behind the steering wheel across some days after operations.

Surgery Shoulder: Such problems like SLAP lesion (lesion tendons biceps), frozen shoulder, impingement (pain caused by stretching bones), dislocation shoulder joint, tennis elbow, and dislocation heads ray bones treat closed or open surgical operations.

Treatment inequalities and elongation of legs: problems with uneven growth legs or curved legs are orthopedic problems that can treat with the method Ilizarov. He can equate to shortening long legs or elongation of short legs method Ilirazova. On the other side, also can conduct treatment curvature, shortening, or loss of soft tissue resulting from adhesions fractures bones.

In method Ilizarov, bones fix hoops and thin wires, but controlled motion bone parts are ensured thanks to added hinges and rods. Bone inequalities that develop after such problems as the loss of bone masses, congenital disease, and premature closing growth cartilage, maybe treat both in children and adults. With the method, Ilizarov created low-energy fracture bones and reached her elongation of 1 mm per day. Elongation achieved up to 80% of own length bones in the correct areas.

Other diseases, which can apply the method Ilizarov include:

When treatment unfused fractures

When closed and open fractures

When curvature hands and feet

Processes elongation of bones (elongation, early closing sprout cartilage after infections, consequences polio)

Usually at loss bone mass, which develops after injuries, tumors, or infections,

When metabolic diseases

When structural diseases bones

When infections bones.

Children’s surgery: treat congenital dislocation hips, disease Perthes, aftermath clubfoot, injury shoulder plexuses, disturbances in gait, torticollis, problems co feet, and disease spine. Oncological surgery: performed to lay down even benign or malignant tumors developing in the area bone systems, such How muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, and joints.

Sports Traumatology: Knee joint is among the areas, most susceptible to injury in classes of sports, with a share of 33%. Other most widespread injuries are region feet-hips, area hips, groin, shoulder joint, wrist and elbow joints spine. emergency diagnosis and treatment of all sports injuries held by specialist doctors.

What kind of diseases heals orthopedics and traumatology

Sports trauma and arthroscopic surgery


restorative work,

recovery of the meniscus,

Transplantation microfractures and osteochondral cartilage,

Arthroscopic plastic (with dislocation shoulder),

recovery gap lips,

repair scabbard rotator,

Arthrosis shoulder joint,

Deletion of foreign body.

Surgery of foot and ankle joint

injury cartilage,

breaks ligaments,

Sports fractures and injuries

Degenerative diseases in foot and ankle joints.

Surgery of elbow and shoulder

Diseases rotational cuffs shoulder,

shoulder and elbow arthrosis,

recurring dislocations,

Traumatic diseases such How falls, traffic incidents, and accident cases on production.

Children’s orthopedics and traumatology

curves feet,

congenital violations,

flat sole,

dislocation of hips,


Treatment fractures and subsequent observation.

Calcification (arthrosis)

calcification of knee joint (gonarthrosis),

calcification of hip joint (coxarthrosis),

Reconstructive operations on periacetabular and high tibial bones,

Dentures hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow,

infection prosthesis,

Revision operations at loosening prosthesis

Surgery of hand, limbs, and upper limbs

Extension bones in hands and feet

Deformation of bones and infection,

Fractures do not heal,

Sharp injury soft fabrics,

Recovery of cut vessels and nerves,

Transfers tendons,



Diagnostics are carried out in most clinics with multislice computer tomography, based on which, lies in receiving layered images (slices) under impact x-ray radiation, and each of them is your local image structures body patient across. slices go sequentially and form full information both all changes located in the zone scanning. This method of research is more informative and advanced, unlike ordinary tomography. Same wide-applied radiography. X-ray pictures are informative for the visualization of bone and articular damage. Projection on x-ray film allows more explore injury.

Methods treatment

Arthroscopy is a method of treatment and diagnosis, which used an arthroscope, and a variety of endoscopes. In time her holding was studied bone and cartilage tissue, tendons, meniscus, condition muscles, and ligaments.

Despite what is used in small cuts, volume operations at arthroscopy maybe to be big. In small incisions introduced arthroscope and operated. Indications for the use of arthroscopy in orthopedic treatment are enough broad and well manipulated held on any joint organism. Such intervention does not require long hospitalizations and in most cases enough several days stay in the clinic.

Endoprosthetics joint

This operation on replacement defective elements of musculoskeletal apparatus on artificial. Such operations showed patients with progressive destruction of cartilaginous fabrics hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow joints, joints fingers, feet, and wrists. All prostheses for such operations are manufactured taking into account the anatomy joints of the concrete patient. The method allows very early, practically on the following day, start rehab that is especially important, for example, for elderly patients. Endoprosthetics maybe be carried out How under common and under local anesthesia.

Patients in specialized orthopedic clinics in Turkey are offered treatment at himself high level and also comfortable and fast recovery after surgical interventions.

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